Our Ministries

IIM Small Groups

  • C.O.R.E. Millennials and Gen-Z’s
  • G.E.M. Women’s Group
  • Watchmen’s Group
  • Single’s Group


IIM Experience

This ministry places a focus on visitors and guests to create an inviting experience. The goal is to ensure that the spiritual needs of new partners are met, also ushering new souls to spiritual connections and growth. 

IIM Music

In keeping with the historical music tradition of Institutional, we’ve established an innovative, diverse artistic culture, producing an authentic experience for IIM partners and visitors. 

IIM Media

IIM Is a progressive ministry that has a unique and creative approach to ministry. We use creative technology and branding to draw those to Christ. Our Media Team components are:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Website
  • Live Streaming
  • Lighting and staging

IIM Kingdom Kids

The focus of our Youth Ministry is to develop young people who are empowered to be the light in a dark world. IIM Youth has a strong sense of identity, integrity, knowledge, and Purpose. Our Youth is broken down into two groups:
Kingdom Kids: Ages 13 and under.

WatchMeGrow: Ages 13-21.

IIM Outreach

The heart of IIM is transformation and that is carried out through Outreach and Evangelism. The Outreach ministry takes a radical approach to win the lost through relevant methodologies. 

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